Event 4th July: President Franco Frattini welcomed the Saudi Information Minister, Dr Awwad al Awwad, for a friendly meeting

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04 Luglio 2017

ROME, 4th July 2017: President Franco Frattini welcomed the Saudi Information Minister, Dr. Awwad al-Awwad, to SIOI today to friendly discuss steps to promote stability, peace and prosperity throughout the world. The meeting focused on positive and common defense cooperation, counterterrorism, “zero tolerance” towards extremism and terrorism. They also explored ways to launch messages to the new generation about the importance of an interreligious dialogue.  Religion is important but what is more important is tolerance and responsibility. They also agreed on the positive attitude of the Saudi Arabia towards the empowerment of women and young generations, and they convened in further implementing a joint cooperation between SIOI and the Saudi Arabia Government.

The gallery of the meeting is available on SIOI Flickr account https://flic.kr/s/aHskYvC7mS

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