SIOI joins WFUNA in #GivingTuesday today


How we celebrate the act of giving . “When you give your time, money or services, you show a commitment and promise to a better world” #civilsocietygives

SIOI- UNA Italy supports Translators4children. It was created on september 2012 with the purpose of translating medical record of seriously ill children who need to travel abroad in the hope of finding a cure.

We strongly believe T4C is a revolutionary international cooperation instrument whose aim is also to reduce child mortality in accordance with the United Nations Millennium Development Goal 4.

T4C is a non-profit humanitarian network driven by an ethical message that relies on the sensibility and sense of responsibility of the individual to use his or her skills and capacities to protect children’s right to health.

T4C focuses on emergency situations, in which the life of a child is at risk and readiness to act may be decisive in saving that life.

T4C wants to help all families that face critical situations, such as the illness of a child, and need to look beyond their national borders to find adequate care, but do not have the means and/or resources to make health records accessible or to communicate with the medical staff in the target language.

To date, the team has 600 translators and interpreters, 62 paediatricians, nurses, 12 active chatroom and many collaborators who offer the three most important things in their lives: their time, their knowledge and their love of their neighbour.

Translators4children’s website has been translated in Italian, English, French, Spanish, Deutsch and Russian.

The ethical dimension of T4C distinguishes this project from all others, setting the stage for a real revolution in thought and action. There is no unified service at the international level that specifically takes on the responsibility of filling the gaps and providing equal opportunity of access to necessary healthcare.

T4C is unique in this particular historical moment, a first practical attempt to ensure the fundamental human right to health in the field of paediatrics.

T4C works in a simple and, at the same time, revolutionary way which makes it possible to provide practical, immediate responses: requests for help are handled through the T4C site, where families and hospitals or healthcare facilities may submit a request for translation or interpretation (medicalchart4children section). The T4C team takes care of finding volunteer translators and interpreters then ensures the translations are edited and proofread by doctors. All this happens very quickly, thanks to immediate connections via social networks, email, and most recently, even through iPhone and smartphone applications. This new network is growing at a rapid pace.

We are confident that sharing it with all UNAs is contributing to enhance the network also in the perspective of finding more and more volunteers all over the world and continuing in saving children's life.

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