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Master of advanced studies in Political Studies and International Relations for Iraqi Diplomats

(Legge 6 febbraio 1992, n. 180 partecipazione dell’Italia alle iniziative di pace ed umanitarie in sede internazionale) (90 ore)

The training project, carried out jointly with the Directorate General of Mediterranean countries and the Middle East – Iraq-Task Force of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, was addressed to 19 Iraqi diplomats engaged in the field of international relations. The project sought to support the process of modernization and global and structural reform of the Iraqi public administration in order to contribute to the creation of a new type of diplomat and to the intensification of Iraqi-Italian relations. The Master of Advanced Training in Political Studies and International Relations was held at SIOI from September 24, 2007 to November 16, 2007. The training program, taught in the English language, examined the main aspects of the new concept of global security, the geopolitics of regional arrangements, and the links between peace, human rights and development; cooperation between States economically and socially, globalization of economies, the processes of democratization and protection of minorities. Particular emphasis was given to the analysis of the role of multilateral diplomacy for the prevention and management of crises and for the stabilization of peace processes in a European and Atlantic framework. Special seminars about the language of diplomacy, public speaking techniques, ceremonial and diplomatic protocol, international negotiations and the Italian language were also given.

Piazza di S. Marco, 51, 00186 Roma RM, Italia