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Executive Course – Aqua Nexus: Water Strategy, Environmental Sustainability, and International Cooperation

Hybrid format

  • Giornate/orari delle lezioni

  • 11-12-13 July 2024
  • Date

  • 11/07/2024
  • 13/07/2024
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SIOI – P.zza di San Marco 51
00186 Roma
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Water, the essence of life, is increasingly becoming a critical geopolitical and environmental concern worldwide. The executive course Aqua Nexus: Water Strategy, Environmental Sustainability, and International Cooperation offers a comprehensive exploration of the intricate relationship between transboundary water management, diplomacy, and sustainable development. In a world facing escalating water scarcity, pollution, and climate change impacts, the comprehension of water strategy is crucial for fostering cooperation among nations and ensuring the equitable and sustainable use of water resources.

This course delves into the multifaceted dimensions of water diplomacy, emphasizing the interplay between political, economic, environmental, and social factors. Participants will examine case studies highlighting successful diplomatic initiatives and negotiations aimed at resolving transboundary water disputes and promoting collaborative governance frameworks. Moreover, the course will analyze the role of various stakeholders, including governments, international organizations, NGOs, and local communities, in shaping water policies and fostering regional stability.


Executive Course – Aqua Nexus: Water Strategy, Environmental Sustainability, and International Cooperation


Key topics covered include water security, integrated water resources management, water governance structures, conflict resolution mechanisms, and the nexus between water, energy, and food security. Through interactive discussions, case analyses, and practical exercises, participants will gain insights into the challenges and opportunities associated with water diplomacy and develop skills to design and implement effective water strategies in diverse geopolitical contexts.


The course is aimed at professionals, graduates or students who intend to acquire knowledge in the field.

Course outline: lessons will take place in a hybrid format (both at SIOI headquarters and online) from 1:30 pm until 5:30 pm on July 11, and from 9:00 am until 5:00 pm on July 12-13.


  • Hydro-Strategy: Definition, Institutions, Treaties and Regulations. A Global Perspective
  • The Financial Sector: Water as a Commodity
  • Desalination. An Economic-Industrial Analysis and Future Prospects
  • Hydro-Diplomacy: Water as a Diplomatic Tool to Shape International Strategies
  • Transboundary Water Conflicts (TWCs): Definition, Causes, and Prospects
  • Hydro-strategy and Technological Innovation: An Increasingly Close Combination
  • The Role of Renewable Sources in the Ecological Transition Process. Focus on Hydroelectric Energy
  • Case Study 1. The Italian Water Crisis (summer 2022): Causes, Scenarios, Solutions
  • Case Study 2. Israeli Technological Innovation as a Model for Water Efficiency
  • Case Study 3. Water Conflicts in the Middle East: The Tensions Between Türkiye and Syria over Control of the Euphrates River
  • Case Study 4. Water as an Instrument of International Cooperation: The Indo-Bhutanese Case
  • Case Study 5. Chinese Hydro-Strategy in Latin America: The Argentine Case


Scientific Coordinator: Filippo Verre, Reseacher at the CMES (Center for Advanced Middle Eastern Studies) at Lund University and President at AB AQUA – Hydro-strategy think tank


To obtain the final participation certificate, participants must ensure attendance of at least 80% of the classes.


The registration request must be submitted by completing the Registration Form and by sending the required documentation to the email address participation fee is €450.
The fee payment can be made via bank transfer to SIOI’s bank account, IBAN code: IT79X0200805181000400118070.