Library and Documentation Centers

The Library of SIOI is one of the major centers in Europe for the study of international relations. The point of specialization of the Library is represented by the various Centres of Documentation of International Organizations , for completeness and quality of classification, are a major facilities for the study and the activities for International Organizations.

Since 2004 the Library of SIOI joined the National Library Service-SBN , the Italian libraries network promoted by the Ministry of Heritage and Culture with the cooperation of the Regions and Universities. The pole is the local membership Polo University La Sapienza-Roma, the software has taken pole SEBINA / SBN. SBN is a service available to all and available 24 hours in 24 Internet

The Library of SIOI can be divided into six sections:
1) The Documentation Centre of the United Nations.
2) The European Documentation Centre (CDE).
3) The Center for Documentation of other international organizations.
4) The library.
5) The newspaper library.
6) The on-line databases and electronic documentation.
7) Services offered by the Library.

Library Director:  Dr. Sara Cavelli
Librarian:  Mr. Renato Genovese