Critical Infrastructures

Critical Infrastructures means the services and goods that make up the fabric of the country system such as energy, telecommunications, finance, transport and logistics, the food chain, water, health, cultural assets, the industrial system, etc. whose preservation is the basis of the continuity of the country’s system.

The Master in Strategic Protection of the Country’s System intends to acquire a thorough knowledge of the techniques used in decision making and strategic management for the protection of goods and services vital for the country. It will also provide the foundation needed to understand risk scenarios, identify security techniques and learn the critical skills needed of assessment to formulate business and industry strategies of efficient investment budget.

The curriculum’s objective is to train security managers, responsible for the security of public and private infrastructure, intelligence services personnel and institutional officials, providing them with decision-making tools to deal with issues of protection from natural and anthropogenic threats, including those of cyberspace, and the elements necessary to formulate investment policies and plans for managing and overcoming crises.

The master’s degree is particularly innovative because it combines the vision of "engineering" of protection with geopolitical analysis and forecasting of economic, strategic, anthropological and sociological nature.

The course is directed to young graduates in all disciplines, civil and military public officials, operators of businesses, financial operators, analysts, journalists and researchers.

The master’s course includes 150 hours of didactic, 300 hours of individual study and the completion of a final study. The lessons will be held on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning.

• Protection of Critical Infrastructure

• An analysis of national legislation, European and international (European Program EPCIP)

• Strategic geopolitical analysis

• Intelligence in the protection of IC

• Economic intelligence

• Scenario analysis

• Strategic choices and objectives of protection

• Strategic choices and objectives of protection

• The unconventional conflict

• Nuclear, chemical, biological, electromagnetic, space, cyber, conventional man-made and natural risks

• Physical, logical, organizational and environmental security

• The management of crises and emergencies

• The economics of security

• In depth sectors: energy systems, transport, ICT communication networks, finance, cultural and social assets, hydraulic resources, the food chain, the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, healthcare, manufacturing, services and trade, raw materials, public administration, hazardous facilities and materials, other sectors.

• Risk analysis

• Business continuity

• Certifications and standards

• Negotiation

• Recruiting and management of human resources

• Internal and external communication in the management of emergencies

• The psychology of management of emergencies

At the end of the formative course, the student will complete an internship within institutions, public administrations, organizations, and enterprises and societies that operate in this sector.

The evaluation of the issuance of the master’s degree will be based on participation in educational activities, test results, the attendance of at least 80% of the lessons and of the presentation of the final study.

Scientific supervisor: Mr. Franco Frattini, President SIOI
Dr. Sara Cavelli, General Director of the SIOI; Dr. Luisa Franchina, Expert on protection of critical infrastructures

The fee for the master’s degree is € 3,800.00, of which € 300.00 is non-refundable, which will be paid at the time of enrollment (enrollment form found on to CCP (post office account) n. 33468000 made out to SIOI, Via S. Marco 3, 00186 Roma – or payable to the SIOI bank account – (IBAN code: IT79X0200805181000400118070). Participants of Public Administration are eligible for special discounts.

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