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The Online Master of Geopolitics: “Chaos and Powers” its organized together with SIOI, LiMes, and Oltreillimes, on Oltreillimes’ e-learning platform. The formative path focuses on the regional geo-economic and geo-politic sceneries that suit perfectly the mutation cycle that involves as well the institutional and societal European mosaic.

The Master's course is directed to young graduates in all disciplines, civil and military public officials, operators of businesses, financial operators, analysts, journalists and researchers.

A weekly on-line preparation thanks to the 16 video lessons of Thematic Modules and updates about current news (Rubric “Il Punto”) as well as late evening meetings about didactics (Conference Room), for a total of 50 hours of audiovisual and interactive didactics and at least 100 hours of tutoring dedicated to the participants (80% of them are one-to-one). The professors of this Master come from the scientific and editorial structure of Limes. The use of multimedia instruments allows the students to interact with the tutors and the other participants as well, according to specific hours and personalized modalities. The didactic activity is supported by a selection of documentaries, articles, and analysis of specific cases, leading to group discussions and confrontations between the participants in the conference room and the blog. For an effective participation in the web-conference appointments, a good internet connection is needed as well as the possession of headphones and a microphone; the webcam is optional. A good knowledge of the English language is necessary for the understanding of the different parts of this master. Two didactic tutors and an a computer technician will lead the students through the use of the platforms, the activities of group interaction. At the end of the activity, the students will have an online meeting in the conference room with the members of the scientific Committee of this master. These meetings will be recorded and the proof of participation will be sent online. The master’s Council after the final interviews will select three of the best candidates who will receive a free subscription to Limes and Limesonline.

The European (Dis)union

The Middle East Fade

The Middle East Fade

The Energy Changing World

Terrorism and Jihad

Sub-Saharian Afric between the two Oceans

Cina-Russia-USA: interconnections to the ninth power

The Latin America and its changing way

The evaluation of the issuance of the master’s degree will be based on participation in online educational activities and the preparation and argument of the dissertation.

Lucio CARACCIOLO, Director LiMes,
Sara CAVELLI, Director General, SIOI
Margherita PAOLINI, Scientific Coordinator LiMes and President of Oltreillimes.

The fee for the master’s course is € 1.100,00 of which € 300,00 is non-refundable, which will be paid at the time of enrollment to CCP (post office account) n. 33468000 made out to SIOI, Via S. Marco 3, 00186 Roma – or payable to the SIOI bank account – IBAN code: IT79X0200805181000400118070

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