Master in Economic Security, Geopolitics and Intelligence

Master in Economic Security, Geopolitics and Intelligence
February – July 2016


The Master in Economic Security, Geopolitics and Intelligence aims to train experts in geopolitics and geo-economics with specific skills in the field of institutional intelligence and economy, in order to ensure the safety of resources and investments. The curriculum’s objective is to acquire the ability to analyze the risks and opportunities of industries through the processing of political, economic, social, cultural and security information useful to effectively make strategic decisions for both the institutional world and the company.

Addressed to
Young graduates in all disciplines, civil and military public officials, operators of businesses, financial operators, analysts, journalists and researchers.

Educational Modules
-Geopolitics of the international scenario, international security and space security
-Institutional intelligence, economical intelligence, protection of critical infrastructures and cyber- space
-Geo-economic analysis of international markets
– Critical infrastructure protection and cyber-space

Specialized Seminars
-Focus on country/market opportunities
-Techniques of negotiation, media, social networking and elements of cognitive psychology and body language
-Intercultural, interethnic and interreligious communication
– Media geopolitics and the role of social networks

Division of the Master’s Course
The master’s course includes 225 hours of lecture and 450 hours of individual study and the completion of a dissertation. The lessons will be held from February to June on Friday afternoons and Saturday mornings. At the completion of the course, young graduates will follow an internship for the duration of three months (around 400 hours).

Master’s Degree
The evaluation of the issuance of the master’s degree will be based on participation in educational activities, test results, the attendance of at least 80% of the lessons and of the preparation and argument of the dissertation. The master’s degree is eligible for 27 credits, the internship at least 16.

Board of Masters
Dr. Massimo BONTEMPI, Senior Director of the State Police, Dr.ssa Sara CAVELLI, General Director of the SIOI, Dr.ssa Elisabetta KUSTERMANN, Expert in Foreign Trade

Enrollment and Information
The fee for the master’s course is € 4.200,00 of which € 300,00 is non-refundable, which will be paid at the time of enrollment to CCP (post office account) n. 33468000 made out to SIOI, Via S. Marco 3, 00186 Roma – or payable to the SIOI bank account – (UNICREDIT Banca di Roma Ag. 88 Piazza SS. Apostoli 75 – 00187 Roma – IBAN code: IT 62 U 02008 05338 000400118070).

Facilities for Payment
Under an agreement with UNICREDIT, under favorable terms, it is possible to make installment payments or to obtain funding for the attendance of the master’s degree.

Educational and Administrative Headquarters
Società Italiana per l’Organizzazione Internazionale, Palazzetto di Venezia, Piazza di San Marco, 51 00186 Roma Tel. (39) 06/6920781 Fax 06/6789102 e-mail: – /