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The master’s aims to prepare young graduates for the competition, launched annually by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, for the diplomatic career . The curriculum is set by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and provides in addition to lectures, simulations of the five written tests in five subject areas of competition.

The master’s program will be open to candidates who have passed written and oral admission tests focused on three subjects of the competition and the English language. In addition, there is a written test of proficiency in a second language chosen from French, Spanish and German. Texts to help prepare for the tests are provided on

The selections are open to graduates and graduating students who will have earned their degree by April 2017 in one of degree courses related to the following classes, set by the decree of the Minister of Universities, Scientific Research and Technology November 28, 2000: Finance (class no. 19/S), Law (class no. 22/S), International Relations (class no. 60/S), Economic Sciences (class no. 64/S), Political Science (class no. 70/S), Science of Public Administrations (class no. 71/S), Economic Science for Environment and Culture (class no.83/S), Economic and Business Sciences (class no. 84/S), Science for Development Cooperation (class no. 88/S), European Studies (class no. 99/S), as well as the master’s degree in Law (class no. LMG/O1) and all others equivalent by law; even a degree in Law, Political Science, International and Diplomatic Sciences, Economy and Trade, those stated in Article I of the November 19, 1990 Act no. 341 and any other equivalent by law, obtained at universities or institutes of higher education.

The Lessons are held three times a week including 600 hours of didactic and at least 1000 hours of individual study. One week of every month is dedicated to written tests which simulate the competition.

The main subjects are:
• History of International Relations
• Public and International Law and of the European Union
• Economic policy and economic cooperation, trade and multilateral finance
• The English language
• The French language (2nd Language)
• The Spanish Language (2nd Language)
• The German Language (2nd Language – the class will occur provided there are at least 10 students)
• Seminars on current international affairs

At the end of the course the SIOI and Diplomatic Institute of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will issue a Master’s in Diplomatic Studies to participants who have attended at least 80% of the lessons and have carried out the written tests.

The enrollment fee for the master’s is €5,500.00 . No cost is required for participation in the selection tests. The enrollment form for the selections is available on and should be mailed or faxed to SIOI headquarters.

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PROVE DI SELEZIONE:dal 30 al 3 luglio e dal 6 all'8 luglio 2020 Date
DATE: 7 settembre 2020 – 28 maggio 2021 Date
SEDE: SIOI – Piazza di San Marco 51, 00186, Roma Sede
ISCRIZIONI: in corso Iscrizioni
CONTATTI: Ufficio Formazione SIOI – email:; – tel: 06.69207838/51 Contatti