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Course for teachers: Teaching Human Rights


XIV Edition

Recognized by the Ministry of Education, the University and Research

GOAL [1]

The teaching and education of human rights in school, along side traditional educational activities, are of primary importance to young people. From this is born "Teaching Human Rights" which aims to offer, through the analysis of international instruments, practical responses in terms of content and methods to guide knowledge into action, and thus put all teachers at the level of new educational goals.

The Course aims at promoting the dissemination of the culture of human rights, encouraging:
• the acquisition of skills necessary for the development of educational initiatives and programs centered on the education of human rights;
• the advancement of knowledge of the main international instruments that protect human rights, the role and specific activities of the United Nations and other international organizations working in the field;
• the comparison between the different experiments already implemented and their disclosure, in establishing an initial reflection on the prospects and potential for human rights education;
• the transmission of the tools for educating children and teenagers to defend their rights and those of others;
• developing awareness that human rights education is not just about teaching human rights, but also to promote them.

The course, organized by SIOI in agreement with the Office for the Support to the United Nations of the Town of Assisi, is recognized by the Ministry of Education, the University and Research - Department of Education - Directorate General for the Personnel of Schools. It is addressed to the heads of institutes and to teachers from all levels throughout the country.

The course will last 24 hours.

The action of the United Nations for the protection of human rights

Human rights: A priority of the United Nations
The action of the United Nations for the protection of Human Rights
The fundamental tools of the United Nations
The Declaration of the Rights of the Child

Europe and Human Rights

The European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights
The European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms and its Protocols
The activities of the European Court of Human Rights
The monitoring of human rights violations: the OSCE Action The European Agency of Fundamental Rights
The Protection of Human Rights among National and European competence

Objectives and practical methodologies of the education of rights for schools

Activities of International Organizations for schools
UNICEF and the tree of rights
Human rights as the basis for the construction of an intercultural society: educational courses for children and young people
New educational spaces.
Exercises and group workshops
Educating the legality

The teaching of human rights in schools

The Constitution in the classroom: know your rights
The rights of children between ethics and responsibilities
The European Agency and the Fundamental Rights
The protection of Human Rights among national and European competence

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Key information

DATE: 25 - 28 novembre 2019 Date
SEDE: Assisi Sede
GIORNI E ORARI DELLE LEZIONI: dalle 9.00 alle 17.00 per 4 giornate di formazione (lunedì – giovedì) Giorni e Orari
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