Higher Education in International Affairs: post graduate education for students, civil servants, public administration officials, foreign embassies' officers in Italy, private employees, teachers and heads from private and public schools at all levels and grades.

Internships and post graduate Guidance: promotion of internships in Italy and abroad, counselling, guidance for post graduate students, management and implementation of internships.

International projects: programming and implementation of international training projects for foreign diplomats and foreign government officials.

External relations: teaching plan, management of institutional and international relations, contacts with universities, national and international organizations, relations with SIOI’s members, Italian and Foreign alumni, communication with media & press, social media & web.

Lectures and Conferences on the current international political, social and economic affairs.

Library and International Documentation Center: open to the public, it hosts the publications of the United Nations, of specialized institutions and of International Organizations. Furthermore it is an European Documentation Center (ECD) since 1954 and receives the officials publications and working documents of the European Union.

Research and publication of the Review “La Comunità Internazionale”, SIOI’s scientific magazine founded in 1946.

Promotion of Human Rights: SIOI’s Committee for Human Rights organizes annually the Giuseppe Sperduti Award, a simulation process in front of the European Court of Human Rights, directed at all Italian University students.

Collaboration with UNRIC in Brussels and WFUNA: promotion of the United Nations activities, press conference of Special UN Rapporteurs, celebration and organisation of special UN events and conferences.