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SIOI – The Italian Society for International Organization

The Italian Society for International Organization (SIOI) is a non-profit private entity with an associative structure. It aims to promote understanding of international political issues, contributing to the establishment of a just and peaceful global community, the progress of European unification, and the dissemination of knowledge and protection of human rights.

The SIOI is one of the most renowned institutions in Italy that deal with research and analysis of international relations and cooperation and offer higher education programs for international executives and diplomats. It also constitutes an important liaison channel with major multilateral organizations including, first and foremost, the United Nations.

SIOI publishes the quarterly magazine “La Comunità Internazionale” dedicated to international relations and international law, with wide distribution in scientific and academic circles. Another initiative of SIOI is the “Observatory on the Activities of International and Supranational, Universal and Regional Organizations on Issues of Interest to Italian Foreign Policy” (OSORIN), which aims to promote research and its dissemination on relevant themes of international organizations’ activities, and at the same time of primary importance for Italian foreign policy.
Various personalities from the academic and diplomatic world have held the position of president of SIOI and have contributed to the dissemination of the ideals of freedom, democracy, and cooperation of the international community.

Honorary Presidents

Prof.Luigi Einaudi (1947-1962)

On. Giuseppe Saragat (1962-1975) 

On. Giorgio Napolitano (2012-2023) 


Prof. Dionisio Anzilotti (1944-1947)

Amb. Nicolò Carandini (1947-1962)

Prof. Roberto Ago (1962-1992)

Amb. Umberto La Rocca (1993-2011)

Avv. Franco Frattini (2012-2022)

Ambassador Riccardo Sessa has been the President of SIOI since 27 April 2023.