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Areas of activity

Research and analysis
The SIOI conducts analysis and research on international politics and various areas of geopolitical, geoeconomic, and geostrategic interest. The Research and Publications Office of the SIOI promotes research activities and publications. Research papers are primarily published in the SIOI Journal “La Comunità Internazionale”. Specific research related to the activities of international organizations and topics of interest to Italian foreign policy is disseminated through Osorin – the Observatory on the activities of International and Supranational, Universal and Regional Organizations (

Conferences and seminars
The Society organizes national and international conferences and seminars on diplomatic current affairs, international politics and cooperation, and human rights protection. These events are aimed at institutions, diplomatic representations, SIOI members, SIOI students, alumni, think tanks, and civil society. In addition, meetings and events are organized following the Chatham House Rule for Italian and foreign delegations on specific issues in international politics.

High-level international training school
Training activities are aimed at young graduates aspiring to a diplomatic or international career, as well as executives and officials from the civil and military public administration and from businesses, along with Italian and foreign diplomatic personnel. In addition to institutional courses, the SIOI offers other training courses characterized by a high degree of specialization and innovation.