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UNYDP ITALY 2019/2020 – Meet your delegates!




I am Simone, and my adventure as a world citizen started 22 years ago in Turin, where I am currently majoring in International Relations. My passion and curiosity for the undiscovered has always pushed me to expand my horizons and my heart; getting in touch with different cultures and working with people from different backgrounds has always fascinated me, that is why I started to get involved in international initiatives since an early age.
From the USA, through Spain, the Balkans, Switzerland and Israel, I have engaged with a variety of youth led organizations and United Nations associations. Recently, I have attended the Faculty of Law at the Universidad Autónoma of Madrid, Spain, as an Erasmus student, where I have mainly focused on foreign policy analysis and international peace and security, thanks to the UNESCO Chair on Culture of Peace and Human rights.
My passion for international politics and youth engagement has been one of the main reasons why I have joined many international conferences all over Europe, both as a Delegate and as a Chair.

My interest in sport as a unique tool for development, cooperation and peace has led me to take part in the 2018 SIOI Zero Hackathon, and to the 30th Naples Summer Universiade as a Liaison Officer.
Besides, with an enthusiast push for a rounded culture I have great passion for literature and art that led me learn English, Spanish and French, and to get the French Diploma Baccalaureate.
Being the Youth Delegate of Italy to the United Nations I believe is about channeling efforts of youth as Agents of Change. Change for a fairer and more sustainable tomorrow is around the corner: future is in our hands, so are future generations. I am sure that we as youth will not disappoint people who trust us, if guided and supported by the 2030 Agenda and its 17 Sustainable Development Goals. In my mandate, impact will be ensured, and in this regard, inclusion and integration will be key points.
I am committed to work toward the achievement of the ambitions and the realization of the dreams of our generation, as “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”.



My name is Giulia, I was born in Rome in 1995. I am enrolled in the second year of a Master Degree in International Relations and Diplomatic Affairs at the University of Bologna, Campus of Forlì.
My studies, which began in a bilingual school, allowed me to interact with people from all over the world from early childhood.
During my years of secondary school dedicated to classical studies, I have participated in numerous international exchanges and UN simulations around the world that have aroused my interest, passion and curiosity for international relations. When I was admitted to my B.A. in Global Governance, a three-year interdisciplinary degree entirely taught in English at the University of Rome “Tor Vergata”, I was sensitized to the challenges of global phenomena and to the need for critical thinking to be able to address the most complicated problems with a cross-cutting approach. My strong belief in the need to embrace new points of view to get a different outlook of the world led me, together with my former university fellows, to found the Global Governance B. A. Alumni Association, aimed at applying the course’ spirit and values to the professional field.

My experiences – e.g. conferences abroad as a speaker for the “Società Dante Alighieri”, Erasmus exchange at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London, advanced training as a Euro-Mediterranean analyst, volunteer experiences, an internship at the UNESCO Office of MIBACT and participation in the G7 of Culture, as well as several university projects – made me realize that different cultural expressions can be an excellent tool to establish closer diplomatic relations, rediscovering fundamental values and correctly identifying and solving the problems of our time.
Moreover, through my internship at the Delegation of the European Union to the UN Agencies in Rome, I gained deep insights of the UN system and decision-making dynamics, with particular attention to the food agencies and Agenda 2030, as well as the UN self-monitoring assessment for the achievement of SDGS targets.
The opportunity and honor I have to be the new UNYD makes me aware of how important SDGs are for the security of this planet and its sustainable development, as well as for ensuring the future of my generation and those to come.