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“Within the framework of the United Nations World Programme of Action for Youth (WPAY – Adopted by UNGA Resolution A/RES/50/81 on March 1996), the United Nations promote the inclusion of the youth in the respective national diplomatic missions as delegates of youth issues.

Within the 37 countries which joined the UNYDP, the Youth Delegates promote progress in the development and implementation of youth policies both at the national and international level. They encourage young people to actively participate in the development of their communities and nations. YDs play a key role in raising awareness about the work of the United Nations among their peers, making these latter pivotal actors in promoting the aims and principles of the Organization.

In Italy the Programme is promoted and organized by SIOI, in collaboration with the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, and in 2017 for the first time gave the opportunity to two young university students to take part in the 72nd Un General Assembly and to negotiate, under the supervision of the Italian Diplomatic Mission to the UN in New York, the Youth Resolution.


Including UNA-UNYA Youth Delegates in the Italian government delegation to the United Nations made Italy one of the successful cases of implementation of the UN activities related to the inclusion of young people on decision-making at highest level.”

  • Franco Frattini

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