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Library and Documentation Centers

The Library of SIOI is one of the major centers in Europe for the study of International Relations.

SIOI’s Library can be subdivided into 5 sections:

Since 2004, the SIOI Library has been part of the National Library Service (Servizio Bibliotecario Nazionale – SBN), the network of Italian libraries promoted by the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities in cooperation with the Regions and Universities. The local hub it belongs to is Sapienza University in Rome. The National Library Service is accessible to everyone and can be consulted 24/7 at
You can search for a topic or a volume available in the SIOI library on the website by typing the word or topic in the Catalog section and then clicking on Associated Bodies and then on SIOI, possibly filtering the results (by year, author, language).
Additionally, SIOI is also part of the National Collective Archive of Periodicals (Archivio Collettivo Nazionale dei Periodici – ACNP). The Catalog contains bibliographic descriptions of periodical publications held by libraries located throughout the national territory and covers all disciplinary sectors.
Librarian: Mr. Renato Genovese